Where to rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?

Where to rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?

Updated: 2024-03-06

If you are planning a trip to Japan, you are probably considering purchasing a SIM card or eSIM for use in Japan or renting Pocket Wi-Fi for use in Japan. Pocket Wi-Fi is the most popular communication method used by people traveling to Japan because of its large data capacity, good communication quality, and ease of use. This page introduces services and locations where you can rent Pocket Wi-Fi for use in Japan.

About me

I am Momo. I'm Japanese and I work in the telecom industry, so I'm familiar with the telecom situation, services and products in Japan, such as SIM cards and Pocket WiFi, and I'm running this website in the hope that my knowledge will be useful to visitors to Japan.

I translate from Japanese to English using ChatGpt and DeepL because I am not so good at English. so my expressions may be rude or hard to read. if you find any inappropriate expressions, please let me know the correct English expression.

What is a Pocket WiFi device?

Japan pocket Wifi

A Pocket WiFi device, also known as a mobile WiFi hotspot, is a portable device that provides wireless internet access to multiple devices simultaneously. It works similarly to a traditional WiFi router but is compact and designed to be easily carried in a pocket or bag.
Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan: Expert Advice for Choosing and Service Suggestions

Advantages of Pocket wifi in Japan

High data capacity, stable transmission quality, and the ability to connect multiple devices to the Internet. It is very easy to use. Just turn it on and you are connected to the Internet. No special settings are required. The only hassle is that you have to return the device. However, the Japanese Pocket Wi-Fi rental service introduced on this page can be returned from anywhere in Japan, and there is no return fee. You can pick it up at Narita Airport and return it at Kansai Airport.

Who should rent a Pocket Wi-Fi?

Renting a pocket Wi-Fi will be less expensive and more convenient than purchasing a SIM card or eSIM, especially in the following cases.

People traveling with family or friends

You can connect to the Internet smoothly at your destination, and it is convenient for searching map apps and tourist information. Since you can share data capacity, renting a single pocket Wi-Fi is more economical than purchasing SIM cards or eSIMs for a number of people.

Business travelers

If you need to connect to the Internet while traveling or in meetings, Pocket WiFi provides a reliable mobile Internet environment with more stable transmission quality than SIM cards or eSIMs. It is essential for business travelers who need to be constantly connected to the Internet to work.

International Students

International students living in Japan cannot sign a contract with a major telecommunications company immediately after arriving in Japan. Until you have a place to live, a bank account, and a credit card, you will need a high data capacity and stable communication means, so renting pocket Wi-Fi is the best option.
There are some services that allow you to rent Pocket Wi-Fi at a discount for a period of about three months.
Long term pocket Wi-Fi Rental in Japan

Places where you can rent Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan


In Japan, Pocket Wi-Fi can be rented at international airports such as Narita Airport.
The airport is the only place where travelers can rent from an actual store.


There are a few stores in Tokyo and Osaka where you can rent Pocket Wi-Fi, but they are few and far between.
It is better to rent from an online store than to search for a store.

Online stores

Japanese people also rent a Pocket Wi-Fi from online stores. The good thing about online rental services is that you only need a credit card to rent.
and then they can send it to your hotel or anywhere in Japan.
If you are coming to Japan before you arrive, you can order your Pocket Wi-Fi to be picked up at the airport.

How to lower the rental price of Pocket Wi-Fi and what to look out for

Do you want to keep the rental price of Pocket Wi-Fi as low as possible?
Prices vary from store to store for the same Pocket Wi-Fi.

Many people rent a Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport so that they can use it as soon as they arrive in Japan.

If you are reading this page and want to save money on Pocket Wi-Fi rentals.
You should not rent from a store located at an airport in Japan.

I am not in any way condemning stores located at airports.
I think that having stores at airports is a very convenient and essential service for travelers.
However, they do come at a high cost.
First of all, having a store at the airport requires high operating costs, rent, and airport fees.
These fees are added to the rental cost, so the price of renting Pocket Wi-Fi at an airport store will be higher.

So what should you do if you want to rent at the airport at a lower price?

Post office
Please rent from the online store that you can receive at the post office at the airport.
The post office at the airport is a public service, so the rental company does not charge the airport rental fee.
Therefore, online stores that use airport post offices as pick-up locations will charge less for Pocket Wi-Fi rentals.

If you want to pick up your Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport, reserve your Pocket Wi-Fi before coming to Japan and receive it at the airport post office.
This may seem inconvenient, but you can pick it up at the airport post office or have it delivered to your hotel if you cannot pick it up at the airport. Just understanding this is a good way to get a cheap rental.

Recommended Pocket Wi-Fi Rental stores

These service provides Pocket Wi-Fi with good communication quality and affordable price and send it to the airport post office.



They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank and docomo networks. They deliver to the airport post office. Rental rates are also inexpensive. It is a new service and therefore not well known, but it is a good service.

CDJapan Rental

They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. Services operated by CDJapan.

Japan Wifi Rental

They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. It is relatively well recognized by the Japanese. The service introduced here is for travelers only.


They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. Rental prices are a bit higher, but this service has been around for a long time. It was acquired by a major company in February 2024.

Global advanced Commnucation

The management company changed around 2018, and the website changed to a more animated design after Covid-19. The service itself has not changed, but the atmosphere has become fresher.