Tips and Points to Choose Pocket Wi-Fi for Your Stay in Japan -Expert Commentary!

Tips and Points to Choose Pocket Wi-Fi for Your Stay in Japan -Expert Commentary!

Updated: 2024-03-07

Pocket Wi-fi rentals are very popular for people staying in Japan, and Pocket Wi-fi is a small, portable, and convenient tool to connect to the Internet anywhere in Japan. The advantages of Pocket Wi-fi can be briefly summarized as follows.

Pocket wifi advantages

SecurityIt provides a safer connection compared to public Wi-Fi networks.
Easy to use You can connect to the internet just by turning on the power. It's very simple.
Large Data CapacityIt is designed for use with multiple devices, so it has a large data capacity.
Good Communication QualityPocket Wi-Fi uses the network of major telecommunications companies, so it has better communication quality than SIM cards or eSIMs.
PortabilityIts compact size allows for easy portability, and you can access the internet even while on the move.
ConnectivityIt can connect multiple devices at the same time, allowing various devices to access the internet.
EconomyIt can be used by multiple people or devices. Instead of buying SIM cards or eSIM cards, you can significantly reduce costs by just renting one Pocket Wi-Fi.

However, not just any Pocket Wi-fi will do. You need to choose a Pocket Wi-fi that is good for you. On this page, we will introduce the criteria for a useful Pocket Wi-fi for those staying in Japan, as well as recommended rental services.

About me

I am Momo. I'm Japanese and I work in the telecom industry, so I'm familiar with the telecom situation, services and products in Japan, such as SIM cards and Pocket WiFi, and I'm running this website in the hope that my knowledge will be useful to visitors to Japan.

I translate from Japanese to English using ChatGpt and DeepL because I am not so good at English. so my expressions may be rude or hard to read. if you find any inappropriate expressions, please let me know the correct English expression.

How to Choose the best pocket wifi?

There are four things you need to know when choosing Pocket Wi-Fi.
These are the network, available data capacity, 5G, and price.
We will explain each of them.


There are four major telecom companies in Japan. If you are staying in a big city such as Tokyo or Osaka, it doesn't matter which company's network you use, but those visiting different places will need to choose a Pocket Wi-Fi network that can easily communicate over a large area.
The Pocket Wi-Fi networks offered for travellers that can easily communicate over large areas are docomo and Softbank.
If you rent a Pocket Wi-Fi that uses either the docomo or Softbank network, you will almost never have problems getting a connection.

Data capacity (unlimited Data)

You want Pocket Wi-Fi with an unlimited data plan, right?
However, as Pocket Wi-Fi is designed to communicate with multiple devices, Rakuten Mobile and WiMAX are the only services that offer plans with unlimited data capacity for Pocket Wi-Fi.
Other services, even if they are called unlimited, impose a speed limit on the communication speed when a certain amount of data is exceeded in order to maintain a fair communication environment.
As for Rakuten Mobile and WiMAX's Pocket Wi-Fi, it is not beneficial for travellers as the places where it can be connected are not wide areas and are weak indoors.

Regarding the data capacity of Pocket Wi-Fi,
This page shows that the average is to use about 840 MB per person per day.
How much data will I need for my trip to Japan? Pocket Wi-Fi / SIM card (eSIM)
With Pocket Wi-Fi, you should think about using around 3 GB per day, considering that you will be using multiple devices.
For plans with the name 'unlimited', it is not easy to know how much you will be limited by the speed limit if you communicate, so it is better to choose a service that clearly states the capacity you can use, such as 100 GB available per month.
When you buy a product, it is easier to understand if you are told that it will be delivered tomorrow at 11am than if you are told that it will be delivered in the shortest possible time. Don't be misled by the word 'unlimited' and make sure the service has a clear data capacity listed.


As of 2024/3, there are still very few places in Japan where communications are possible at 5G millimetre wave. The latest iPhone 15s on the market in Japan do not even support millimetre wave.
This means that there are few places where you can communicate on 5G.
If you want Pocket Wi-Fi with fast 5G speeds, don't expect 5G, as there are few places with 5G connectivity. 4G is fine for speed and you can watch videos comfortably.

Rental prices

You want to keep rental prices low,right?
As mentioned on this page, rental fees are higher if you rent at an airport shop.
Where to rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?
If you want to rent a pocket Wi-Fi easilyand low price, apply for a rental online before you come to Japan.

Network Docomo or SoftBank
Data Capacity Plans with clear capacities such as 100GB
5G Since connectivity is limited, 4G is sufficient
Reducing Rental Costs Reserve before coming to Japan

If you are staying in Japan for more than 60 days

If you are staying in Japan for more than 60 days, for example, if you are an international student or on business, you may want to purchase a SIM card or eSIM, but you will always run out of data capacity or the usage period and will have to make additional purchases. Also, renting a Pocket Wi-Fi from a regular online store will cost you more than 30 days.

In order to live in Japan, renting a room, opening a bank account and credit cards, and other preparations will take days.
Without housing and a bank account, you will not be able to sign a telecommunications contract with a major telecommunications company either.

In the meantime, there are special Pocket Wi-Fi rental services that can be used during various preparation periods in Japan, instead of the usual Pocket Wi-Fi rentals.
The minimum period of use is as short as 90 days, and you can pay monthly and the price is reasonable.
Long-term pocket Wi-Fi Rental in Japan

Recommended Pocket Wi-Fi online stores

The services listed below provide Pocket Wi-Fi that meets the requirements described this page.



They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank and docomo networks. They deliver to the airport post office. Rental rates are also inexpensive. It is a new service and therefore not well known, but it is a good service.

CDJapan Rental

They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. Services operated by CDJapan.

Japan Wifi Rental

They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. It is relatively well recognized by the Japanese. The service introduced here is for travelers only.


They provide Pocket Wi-Fi for Softbank networks. Rental prices are a bit higher, but this service has been around for a long time. It was acquired by a major company in February 2024.

Global advanced Commnucation

The management company changed around 2018, and the website changed to a more animated design after Covid-19. The service itself has not changed, but the atmosphere has become fresher.