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Unlimited data, recommended for use in urban areas! Y!mobile offers a service called unlimited data advanced mode, which is available only with devices compatible with it. It enables you to connect with the internet without worrying about the data capacity and the transmission speed. Although the service does not available in many rural areas yet, you can use it in urban areas without any problems. Regular mode covers area wider than that of with the advanced mode, however, if you over the data capacity of 7GB, the transmission speed decreases to 128kbps. Note that if you change the mode to the advanced in that situation, the speed does not be changed until that month is over.

Short Term Rental Pocket Wi-Fi - Y!mobile

Preriod :7 days

Pocket WiFi 502HW7 Days?¥3780¥1080¥540¥772¥5400
Global Advanced CommnicationStandard Wifi10GB7 Days1428MB¥5550¥0¥0¥793¥5550
ECO WifiUnlimited7 Days?¥4950¥0¥0¥708¥4950
Japan WirelessBusiness Wi-FiUnlimited7 Days?¥5130¥500¥0¥805¥5630
Rental WifiStandard Wifi (75Mbps)10GB7 Days1428MB¥5530¥0¥0¥790¥5530

Preriod :14 days

Pocket WiFi 502HW14 Days?¥4860¥1080¥540¥463¥6480
Global Advanced CommnicationStandard Wifi10GB14 Days714MB¥7650¥0¥0¥547¥7650
ECO WifiUnlimited14 Days?¥7050¥0¥0¥504¥7050
Japan WirelessBusiness Wi-FiUnlimited14 Days?¥7398¥500¥0¥565¥7898
Rental WifiStandard Wifi (75Mbps)10GB14 Days714MB¥7630¥0¥0¥545¥7630

Long Term Rental Pocket Wi-Fi - Y!mobile

Preriod :30 days

Global Advanced CommnicationStandard Wifi10GB30 Days333MB¥12450¥0¥0¥415¥12450
ECO WifiUnlimited30 Days?¥11850¥0¥0¥395¥11850
Japan WirelessBusiness Wi-FiUnlimited30 Days?¥12582¥500¥0¥437¥13082
Rental WifiStandard Wifi (75Mbps)10GB30 Days333MB¥12430¥0¥0¥415¥12430

We have cooperated in making this Rental Pocket Wi-Fi information with LightPocket, a Japanese company offering pocket WiFi router and data SIM card.
Figures are calculated based on data published on official website.
the quality of data communication vary depending on each service.
Even with a large capacity, it is not necessarily fast on communication speed.
If you notice wrong or old information, it would be grateful that you notify us.
After checking the information, we revise it if needed.