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eConnect Japan provides Rental Pocket Wi-Fi Prepaid SIM Card for visitors from outside of Japan

eConnect Japan provides a prepaid SIM card service with 6 plans, each available in multiple SIM sizes, with different data capacity and period of use: 1-5GB data / 100MB/day data (7-30days).
You can purchase their prepaid SIM card via their web site and they deliver it to the place you want to receive such as hotel, airport, residence, and major international airports.
Although they do not open the maximum download speed to the public, it can be assumed 2Mbps as their service is based on SORACOM Air, which enables eConnect Japan to offer various plans and features.

Official Site

eConnect Japan Prepaid SIM Card Plans

Prepaid SIM Cards for Overseas Residents

Even those who do not have an address in Japan can purchase online.

5GB30 Days¥4800
10 GB60 Days¥6800

Due to covid-19, the number of companies offering Prepaid SIMs for travelers and short-stay visitors to Japan has decreased. Due to the declining demand for prepaid SIM cards, the prices and services of prepaid SIM cards have been changing. The demand for Prepaid SIM cards has also been affected by the decline in demand, and the products have changed.

Prepaid SIM card sales prices change frequently, please make sure to check the official website for prices and details.

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eConnect Japan Rental Pocket Wi-Fi Card Plans

Softbank 4G17GB7 Days2429MB¥6074¥790¥0¥981¥6864
Sftbank LTE17GB7 Days2429MB¥5307¥790¥0¥871¥6097
50GB Data50GB7 Days7143MB¥11448¥790¥0¥1749¥12238
25GB Data25GB7 Days3571MB¥7776¥790¥0¥1224¥8566
10GB Data10GB7 Days1429MB¥6480¥790¥0¥1039¥7270
Softbank 4G24GB14 Days1714MB¥8298¥790¥0¥650¥9088
Softbank LTE24GB14 Days1714MB¥7666¥790¥0¥604¥8456
50GB Data50GB14 Days3571MB¥12204¥790¥0¥929¥12994
25GB Data25GB14 Days1786MB¥8532¥790¥0¥666¥9322
10GB Data10GB14 Days714MB¥7236¥790¥0¥574¥8026
Softbank 4G40GB30 Days1333MB¥13653¥790¥0¥482¥14443
Softbank LTE40GB30 Days1333MB¥12636¥790¥0¥448¥13426
50GB Data50GB30 Days1667MB¥13932¥790¥0¥491¥14722
25GB Data25GB30 Days833MB¥10260¥790¥0¥369¥11050
10GB Data10GB30 Days333MB¥8964¥790¥0¥326¥9754
Softbank 4G70GB60 Days1167MB¥25402¥790¥0¥437¥26192
Softbank LTE70GB60 Days1167MB¥22745¥790¥0¥393¥23535
Softbank 4G100GB90 Days1111MB¥38102¥790¥0¥433¥38892
Sftbank LTE100GB90 Days1111MB¥34117¥790¥0¥388¥34907

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We have cooperated in making this information with LightPocket, a Japanese company offering pocket WiFi router and data SIM card. Figures are calculated based on data published on eConnect Japan official website.
the quality of data communication vary depending on each service.
Even with a large capacity, it is not necessarily fast on communication speed. If you notice wrong or old information, it would be grateful that you notify us.
After checking the information, we revise it if needed.