Curated websites and guide services for getting around Japan are rapidly increasing to meet the needs of the rising number of people visiting to Japan. However, the more websites/services, the more complications. So, VisitJapanPlaces put them in one place to know which is the best suit for you easily. Use this page as your basement for your wonderful trip to Japan.

Japan Guide width=

Japan Guide

Since they founded in 1996, has played a main role to introduce Japanese things/places in English. Although their Japan Question Forum is useful for people visiting (or planning to visit) Japan, their original contents covering the fundamentals on Japan are also useful before you actually visit. One of their contents "Japan Penfriends" is a unique service to make friends with locals in Japan.

tripadvisor (Japan Travel Forum) width=

tripadvisor (Japan Travel Forum)

World's largest travel site also has the largest forum on Japan with over 70,000 topics posted from all over the world. If you have a plan to go to a specific area, they have sub forums to meet the person with the similar interests easily.

reddit (Japan Trips & Travel Tips) width=

reddit (Japan Trips & Travel Tips)

One of the world's largest social networking websites also covers a large category on Japan travel. Updated almost everyday with a wide variety of topics ranging from itinerary check to recommended accommodation.

Lonely Planet (Japan Forum) width=

Lonely Planet (Japan Forum)

The world's largest travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet also has a large forum for travelers to Japan. There are relatively many posts focusing on certain areas/activities rather than troubles/things.

Nomadic Matt (A Complete Guide) width=

Nomadic Matt (A Complete Guide)

This website is, as the name indicates, mainly managed by an expert traveller Nomadic Matt. He is also a Japanophile, so, there are many detailed & organized articles on Japanese things/places written by him. Among them, "A Complete Guide to Traveling Japan" must be your help. Of course they has a forum for a trip to Japan.

TravBuddy (Tokyo Travel Guide) width=

TravBuddy (Tokyo Travel Guide)

TravBuddy has a community of over 1.5 million passionate travelers. They has a "Tokyo Travel Guide" where you can check hundreds of contents provided by People Traveling to Tokyo and Tokyo Locals (registration required to see them).

VirtualTourist width=


VirtualTourist is a worldwide travel community where real travelers and locals share real travel advice and experiences. If you get a reply on your post, their registered members have detailed profiles & reputations so that you can rely on with a certain credibility.

 Fodor's Travel Talk Forums width=

Fodor's Travel Talk Forums

Fodor's Travel is the oldest publisher of English language travel and tourism information in the US. They have launched a travel-related website in 1996, which has lots of features & trip ideas. Their JAPAN forum is simply divided into two categories ACTIVITY qustions & TRIP REPORTS and the feeds are compatible with RSS so that you can easily follow them.